03 Jun 2016

Real Estate market in Ibiza. Unik point of view.

We are already full in summer and have already spent half of 2016, at this moment of year as everyone has noted the dynamic recovery in Ibiza and especially in the Real Estate sector.

Currently, no one should be surprised when it states that the property market in Ibiza is working very well.

Everyone already knows that this year 2016 has confirmed the trend that began in 2013, in terms of sustained price growth and progressive recovery of property purchases. This trend generally has been observed throughout the island and most of the market segments. It then notes that this trend is based on a set of vectors that lead to this dynamic market force.

It has been written and said a lot about these fundamental vectors from different argumentaries, based on geo-economic aspects, to the high purchasing power tourism global trends, the special attractiveness to investment in Ibiza, etc ..

It is not always easy to interpret these trends in the formation of real estate prices and sometimes appear disparities in pricing purchase or rent depending on the characteristics of the properties.

At this point, perhaps we should put the focus on the more local variables and carry the analysis beyond the global issues that affect us. In this sense, the analisys we do in Unik Real Estate is oriented to determine which areas and types of properties are those that currently are better consolidating its value in Ibiza, but based on its fundamental value of local type, beyond which explains the trend globally. We are interested above all the study and analysis of the different characteristics of the property and its attractiveness based on quality parameters specific to both the property and the environment.

It is precisely this important market in Ibiza appearance in Unik Real Estate, as draft realty consultants are really attentive, because this aspect can draw conclusions that allow us to interpret price formation, in order to offer better service consulting in real estate sales.